Saturday, 17 November 2007

Two new Brownie s

I have two new Brownies lined up for January, meaning we will be completely full, with 24. One of the mums rang me the other night because her daughter is so keen, I really didn't mind, because I had said I would be in contact to set up a taster session.

But because we are working on a show for our parents, it wouldn't have been much fun for the new girls to come in, work a little on a show then not see the end result. And we're doing Christmas for our very last meeting of term, which will be quite craft led, which again isn't that typical of what we do.

So I will invite the two new girls to have their taster session the first week we go back in January and start the following week if they like it. To be honest, I have only had one girl come for a taster session then not join, and that was because she was choosing between two packs. They always have fun, and they always want to join!

We're doing British Traditions from January, a fab badge created by one of the Guiding counties in Essex to raise money for going to the World Scout Jamboree that was held this summer. It's the first chance we've had to fit it in. We're going to run it over 4 nights and will have a different country each week: Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland. I've bagsied Scotland as I am Scottish, and one of the AGs is Welsh. Which leaves the other two to fight over England and Northern Ireland. There's a ton of stuff in the resource that came with the badges, must get in and divide it up for all the leaders.


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