Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Want to plan...

I have two overnights I want to squeeze in next term, and I have a weekend that the Guiders are free, and all the girls are free.

The idea is to run an overnight for the Senior Six (who are going to Guides at Easter) based entirely on what they want to do, and they do the menu planning etc. So that overnight will have 10 girls: the Senior Six plus Guider daughters plus the remaining Sixer who doesn't fall into either category. That overnight will frun from Friday evening to Saturday, and finish about 4pm.

At 7pm on the Saturday, the new Brownies will arrive. There are 6 of them, plus a couple of girls who have never been away with us before, plus 2 Guider daughters, so around 10 again. They will do crafts and stuff, go to bed late and be up and out by 10am on Sunday.

The idea of doing it over one weekend is that Guiders only have to give up one weekend rather than two to achieve both overnights. Plus it is always easier to get a venue for a weekend than for one night, as it's hard for the venue to let the other night if you just go for one.

We even know where we want to go, and have tentative permission from the Brownie Holiday Adviser.

But the frustrating thing is I have sent an online form request, two emails and left two messages on an answerphone for the venue, all with no reply, over the last two weeks. I'm giving it another few days.

I'm only being so patient because there isn't another venue where we can run both overnights consecutively and still achieve what we want. The Senior Six's second choice was London, which I'll happily do for them but then I can't do the new girls in the same weekend as we need to take them away locally the first time.

There's so much paperwork and sorting out to do...I don't mind doing it but I do want to get on with it and right now I'm stuck, hoping this venue's booking manager has just been on holiday for two weeks and didn't arrange cover.


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