Friday, 9 November 2007

What's in a name?

At Brownies I'm Penguin, and I love it. It really makes me laugh to hear someone whisper: "Mum, there's Penguin" when I am in the supermarket, or when a younger sister of a Brownie came up to me and said: "I knew you weren't REALLY a Penguin!"

The two assistant Guiders are Lion and Parrot, the new Guider is Otter and the Unit Helper (male) is Monkey. We've always had animal names, when we started the pack in 2004, we were told we didn't have to be Brown Owl and other Owls, and we went for animals.

It certainly made it easier when we were at Legoland, the number of girls screeching Brown Owl this and Brown Owl that, and the number of women who turned round in case it was one of their girls yelling. There was no-one but my lot yelling Penguin!

A discussion on a predominantly US board just now is talking about what the girls call their leader, and there is no tradition of Brown Owl or animal names there. Most leaders seems to be some variation on Mrs Smith, Miss Smith, Ms Smith, Ms Polly, Miss Polly. Fair enough, though I'd hate it. But the thing that really confuses me is this variation: Mrs Sarah. Why would you use Mrs with a first name?

It looks very strange to me, but then I guess Penguin looks strange to them.


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