Wednesday, 21 November 2007

wrote a letter

I wrote a letter yesterday to the parents of the senior six, saying I'd had so much difficulty trying to organise this overnight and setting out three options:

1. Pax, but it's gonna cost £50 and be a very similar experience for the girls that went there before.

2. Abseiling, lunch and ice-skating for £18.

3. Nothing. We just say they've all had plenty of opportunities and that this one didn't come off.

I said we would go with the option most popular with the six girls. So far, three have come back to me, all choosing abseiling and ice-skating.

Still got three to hear from, and those three do include the two who haven't had as much overnight experience so they may go for Pax.

I've asked them all to tell me by tomorrow night, so we can move one way or the other.


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