Friday, 21 December 2007

End of year balance

Our Brownie accounts have a healthy end of year balance, so now we just have to allocate money for the year ahead and give the accounts to the DC to approve.

We do keep a bit in the account because our rent is so high, approx £350 (US$720) a year, and that's if they DON'T put it up in April. No way round that though, but it does mean we try to keep a balance a little larger than most units so we have a safety net if it goes up as much as it did in 2007.

There's £210 left to allocate though, we're going with £60 on Family Railcards (drastically reduces the amount it costs to travel by train with the girls) and hopefully a £150 subsidy for camp in July, that will go towards the cost of the three leaders going and the balance used to reduce the cost for the girls. No idea how much the weekend is going to cost yet, so we can't be sure how we'll use the money but we'll work it out once we do.


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