Friday, 7 December 2007

In moments of doubt...

this makes me never want to stop being a Brownie leader, got this email today from a dad:

Merry Christmas and a happy New year - If its not too early to say...A quick note to say really how fabulously well you run Brownies.You are so professional and kind and you make my daughter feel special always.How kind of you to text us ref the return times from legoland and yesterday that the children would exit from a different direction. [This was because it was howling down with rain and wind so I was letting the parents shelter in the foyer while they waited for the girls!] I think the brownies have the best leader in [our town, removed!] and long may you reign supreme !
Take care.

I don't do it to get thanks. But when I get them, it makes me feel fantastic!


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