Friday, 7 December 2007

Snowflakes, cards and chocolate biscuits

Lots of fun at Brownies last night, I do wish I had remembered a Christmas carol CD, but there was so much chatter there wasn't really much need!

We made the 3D snowflake, they went down really well with the girls.
We made Christmas cards, letting the girls put whatever they wanted on, there were pens, crayons and stamper things with lots of Christmas items.
Then I gave them all a number from 1-17 (we had 5 girls off for various reasons) and they sat in a circle and I read a Christmas story. Every time there was a LEFT in the story they passed their number to the left, every time there was a RIGHT, they passed it to the right. That shuffled the numbers up nicely and then they lined up from 1-17 with the number they got and had a lucky dip (made up of bits and pieces we'd been given over the year: some Canada traders made with foam, some American Girl Scout pens and badges, and some UK badges to make up the numbers) and then they each got a Penguin biscuit. I confess I bought the biscuits cos they were on special and only after thought, oh, that's a Penguin! Should have bought a Lion bar...what would I buy for a Parrot, Otter and Monkey though?? So I left it and just let them have a Penguin each! There was enough to give one each to the two Guides that help and the Duke of Edinburgh girl.

There was also time to test two girls for badges: one for Science Investigator and one for World Culture. They had both worked really hard, done a lot more than the girls that did those badges as part of the pack in fact!

So that's it for regular meetings for 2007, all we have left this year is a trip to a Guiding activity centre for six girls. Also, the Guiders are going out for a meal next week, which should be nice, it's always so hectic when we have meetings, so it will be good to talk in more relaxed circumstances.


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