Monday, 17 December 2007

Still gone fishing...but Hautbois was great!

Still consider me gone fishing, as we haven't resolved our home internet issues and I finish work for Christmas tomorrow so will be offline over Christmas unless things do get resolved.

But I had to pop in in my lunch break to tell you how fantastic the Santa weekend I took six Brownies on was.

It took us over FOUR hours to get there on Friday night, it's 146 miles and we'd hoped to do it in just over three hours. But Friday night traffic meant we had only travelled eight miles in the first hour...very demoralising with such a long drive ahead.
But we made it, thanks to my husband borrowing the TomTom from work, so at least we didn't have to stop to check the map.
The girls went off to sleep at a reasonable hour (about 11pm but as we hadn't got there till after 8, I was happy with that), but were awake at 5am! I went in and said: "It's 5am. I am VERY disappointed." Not a peep for over two hours after that! Couldn't believe it, actually managed to fall asleep again! If I'd known that worked instead of anger...

We went on a Santa train on Sat morning, met Santa and they all got a really good quality craft present. Then back for sausages and mash, and then crafts in the afternoon - they decorated bags, made snowglobes and cards and Hama bead things and loads more. An outdoor game, a party tea and party games after that.

They were all quiet, if not asleep not long after 10pm, and I actually woke them at 7.30am! Sunday we stripped and remade the beds for the next people, this took AGES! Finished off crafts, another outdoor game, then a Christmas lunch. After that there was just time for each group to put on a panto they had rehearsed over the weekend and we left just before 3pm and made it back in three hours.
I dropped off two girls and three suitcases (I'd taken an extra one as my car boot was bigger). First house where I left the suitcase and promised the Brownie was in the next car: thanks and a bottle of wine. Second house: thanks and a bottle of wine. Third house: nothing! A bottle of wine would have been lovely, but a thanks was kind of the least I was hoping for!
The girls all got to spend some money in the centre shop, and were also given a Brownie notebook and a gorgeous Santa weekend badge. Most of them had bought a Hautbois badge, so by the time you add the Christmas Fun badge I had bought for them already and three of the six completed their Brownie Holiday badge, there's a fair bit of stitching to be done!
Incidentally, two girls already had the holiday badge, and one completed most but as there was no food prep or washing up required of the girls this time, she could not get the badge. I counted the food prep and washing up from our sleepover in March for the other three as they had to do a lot then.
The sixth girl asked if she could pass by doing some food prep and washing up at home but I had to say no, there's a big difference between being part of prep and clear up for 20 at camp and doing it for four at home, I really do think that aspect has to be done on camp.


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