Sunday, 13 January 2008

All About Canada

One thing I shared with another Guider on our training was the All About Canada badge.

My girls did this over a year ago, after I made friends with a lovely Canadian Guider and she traded us 24 All About Canada badges for 24 UK Brownie Traditions badges (well, we traded loads more than that, but for the purposes of this, it was a direct swap.)

Here's the requirements:

Paint a maple leaf or beaver on a white t-shirt. Why are they symbols of Canada?

I got them to do this on paper

Collect a set of Canadian coins. What are the symbols on each coin? Why do you think they were chosen?

I printed off coins from the internet, cut them in half, then the girls had to race to the centre of the circle and find a half coin then next person had to find the other half till they had the set, then talked in circle about why each symbol - the Bank of Canada website had all the info

Create a collage with your provincial flower, tree, mineral, bird and flag

I gave each six a print out of each for a province and they had to colour and arrange them, then tell the others about their province. I used these sheets: and skipped mineral as felt it was a bit obscure

What other animals or plants do you think would make good Canadian symbols? Explain why.

We talked about mooses, and Canada geese, Niagara Falls and anything else they could think of about Canada.

This Guider is doing Canada for Thinking Day so I shared some other ideas (food tasting of pancakes, maple syrup and Canadian cheddar; Fimo or foam Canadian flags, moose masks) and she's going to see what would work.


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