Friday, 4 January 2008

Back to front and upside down

This was the theme of the first ever overnight I did and it was really good fun. Guiders are always looking for new themes and when they hear this, always ask me what we did within the theme, so I thought I would list them here, then next time I can give the link instead.
  • They wore their tops backwards (bottoms was too uncomfortable).
  • All the signs were written backwards (with the exception of in the kitchen for safety reasons).
  • All the badges were backwards.
  • They ate meals at the wrong time (eg breakfast at lunchtime) and in the wrong order (eg pud first). They thought this was HILARIOUS and was absolutely the thing they talked about most afterwards.
  • They designed posters for their six - we blue tacked paper to the underneath of a table and they had to lie on the floor to do it.
  • We did a backwards Olympics (backwards running races etc).
  • At bedtime, I read Green Eggs and Ham backwards, that went down a storm.

Think that was most of it!


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