Monday, 21 January 2008


I have a camp blanket for when I go away with the girls. The idea is you put on your badges from events etc and it tells your guiding story.
When I first got it, I just wanted to fill it up, so I would buy nice looking badges. At one point, I had an aim to add every division standard.
I've become more discerning as I have gone on - I managed to track down some Brownie and Guide badges on ebay that I earned when I was younger, and even, eventually, managed to get a Service Flash like I earned as a Guide by helping out at a Beaver Scout group.
I have a corner for "when I was a Brownie/Guide", a corner for "now", a corner for charity (ie when people sell badges to raise money for expeditions etc and a corner for whatever - the badges I bought at the start, badges I buy cos they look nice but don't have any relation to what I do with the girls.
I've just sold a bag of extra badges from ebay purchases, for less than I paid for them but they've sat there for over 18 months so I figure whatever I get for them is fine. And I just added up 10 division standards and sold those, again for less than I paid, but the Guider buying them is happy!
Daughter also has a camp blanket and when she moves to Guides, I have promised to add all her Brownie badges - that will be a feat and a half!
A tip for parents buying a camp blanket for their Brownies - buy the Guide one not the Brownie one. That way you don't need to buy another when she starts Guides, or move badges over from the Brownie one to the Guide one because she is too embarrassed to take the Brownie one.


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