Saturday, 19 January 2008

Bring on the Bling

Our newest Guider was talking last night about the training she went on for new Guiders and how one Guider had bemoaned the fact our badges aren't iron on.
Newest Guider said:"There is one, the triangular one for archery."
Everyone else looked very confused, and the woman leading the training told her she imagined it.
But newest Guider knew she hadn't, of course.
Actually, it was an American Try-It, the equivalent of our interest badges, that the girls had earned and I told them to put it on the back of their hoodies as it wasn't a UK badge.
Our girls can show their badges off however they choose, as I have said before. I have seen all sorts though: hoodies like ours, gilets, sashes, even sewn on the t-shirts.
Most of our lot chose to wear them on their hoodies. And while they only wear UK badges on the front, I do let them wear the participation badges or badges earned fr
om elsewhere (the older girls earned Canada's All About Canada badge about two years ago) on the back of their hoodies, if they choose. They want to show them off.
This does ruffle some feathers - more traditional Guiders feel badges should only be displayed on a sash.
Which means when we go to Westminster Abbey next month, our girls are going to look totally bling. My own daughter's hoodie has so many badges sewn on it virtually stands up on its own!
Any Guider going to the Abbey want to argue with my girls' right to wear their badges where they want?
Bling it on!


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