Thursday, 31 January 2008

British Traditions

So we learned about England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. And this week, we learned about Wales to finish off the British Traditions badge.
I apologise for the out of focus pic, I just could not get the camera to sharpen the image and I'm too tired to keep trying.
I was out the hall for the first half of the evening but my daughter tells me they:
  • played dragon bingo
  • drew a dragon from a description - everyone's was different of course
  • ate welsh cakes and caerphilly cheese
  • did head, shoulders, knees and toes in Welsh.

Then we ran through the capitals of each country, the patron saint, the saints days and the symbols to make sure they took it all in. Then the district commissioner, who was visiting, presented the badges.

Parents meeting went well, we had 7 out of the 8 eligible girls sign up for our sleepover in March, the eighth is gutted she's not going but has theatre (High School Musical) tickets. Ran through kit list, ground rules, the G/C consent form and the G/H health form. I was going to get the DC to sign the permission form for the event, but she asked if she could come - that means the Division Commissioner has to sign instead.

That means we'll have 11 Brownies (7 newbies, 4 Guide daughters) and 4 adults, quite a high ratio but that's ok. My Son will have to attend the first two hours (he'll be long gone before dinner let alone sleeping time) so it will be good to have an extra adult.


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