Thursday, 17 January 2008

Chased the snakes

Well, that's Northern Ireland done.

The girls:
  • learned about St Patrick, what he did, when his day is celebrated
  • made paper shamrocks and compared them to the Guiding trefoil
  • learned a couple of Irish dancing steps
  • finger knitted - with various degrees of success
  • tasted soda bread, potato farls and red lemonade

All in all, a really good night for the new Guider, she worked really hard on it. Now I have to keep the standard up for Scotland next week...I might abandon my haggis plan though as I am pretty sure I am going to get a lot of refusals!

The remaining parents paid up subs/trip fees, which is good, we hate debt-chasing because we all find it embarrassing. Collected in permission forms for the senior six trip, sent out permission forms for Thinking Day.

We had all 24 girls in the hall for the first time - we've had 24 before but usually run at 20-22 depending on girls moving, girls about to start, a couple of girls off sick etc. I really noticed we had to move the circle quite wide to fit them all in.


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