Saturday, 12 January 2008

Flip flop

Went to a camp and holiday training session today, there's more to come tomorrow.

Totally flip flopping between whether I want to do the pack holiday licence or not:

  • Can take the girls away for as long as I want after completing (practically, that would be Fri-Sun), not limited to where we can easily get to for one night
  • Once done, it's valid forever as long as I use it every couple of years so to do it now while I have momentum makes sense
  • Do the 5 modules now for Brownies and I only have to do one module if I become a Guide Guider and want to transfer the skills
  • Many venues are blocked to us just now as they hire out for the weekend and we can only hire for overnight. We could pay the full weekend cost but that's too expensive.


  • Daughter becomes a Guide this time next year. Will I really want to take the Brownies away while she stays home? Maybe for a night, unlikely for a weekend.
  • Time-consuming. 5 modules to do and would have to meet adviser three or four times to work through it. Like I have spare time.
  • If I did want to change to a Guide licence in a couple of years, I would have to be assessed again, though at least only on one module.
  • Not sure how often I would use it so is it worth the hassle?

Flip flop, flip flop...don't know whether to do it or not. It would be end of October I did it anyway, as we have a sleepover in March and county Brownie camp in July, then I would need time with parents in September to get girls signed up. But given the time I need with a mentor, I'd need to decide by Easter to give it a stab in October.

Maybe tomorrow will clarify things for me.


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