Sunday, 20 January 2008

Guiders without Borders

Went to Borders today to spend the remainder of my gift card from my parents for Christmas.

I got a £14.99 3 crime novel in one book which I always love, they seem such a bargain. Plus it was buy one get one half price so I got another book too to get the half price bit. AND I had a 20% off a full priced book voucher that the guy let me use on the £14.99 book, so the upshot is I got £22-worth of books for £15.48 so I was happy. Plus 3 magazines and that's it, my card is gone, but I loved it!

And I used a bit of my Starbucks card too, there's still some left on that despite buying a Venti Mocha, a Brownie for me and a muffin for husband - that was his reward for letting me sneak off without the kids to do the book-browsing.

Oh, and I also spotted the Brownie annual reduced, so got two for Graceful and Elegant, if they can't make it to our meeting for some reason, I will just post them!


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