Saturday, 5 January 2008

Guiding Manual and James Bond

There's a Guiding Manual, essentially a big book of rules for Guiders. It's actually really useful to refer to for ratios and so on.

It was recently decided that the manual would only be available online as a series of PDFs. Which is fine, and I am all for stuff being available online, but this is the kind of reference thing you need to be able to flick through for guidance.

Our new Guider needed a copy while she works through her Adult Leadership Qualification. I bought my own copy, and offered to lend it but not for long periods, as I often need it. I downloaded the PDFs for her and put them on a memory stick, but like me, she prefers to have it on paper.

Luckily, our local Guiding depot moves so slowly, there was a copy sitting in a drawer! So I scooped it up today while in on the floor below ordering a tux rental for my husband, along with a badge book (the last edition, naturally, even though the new edition has been out for a month or so!) for her daughter.

Re the tux rental - my husband is getting to go to a swanky art exhibition opening in London with his company, complete with posh meal, overnight stay etc. I could have gone too, but it's a Thursday night. Can't get my mum down from Scotland for it, his parents won't stay away overnight, and while 9 year old Daughter could easily be farmed out to someone overnight and sent to school with them the next morning, there's a strange lack of people willing to do the same for 4 year old Son.

So I'll sit in the dim twilight while he gets to live it up, dressed as James Bond. Roll on Son being old enough to stay over at people's houses!


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