Monday, 28 January 2008

Spending time!

Spent much money for the Brownies (and Guides) at Baker Ross:

  • Got 60 of the birdfeeders, 30 for the Guides to paint for the school and 30 for the Brownies to paint for their Wildlife Explorer badge.

  • 12 of the bookmarks for our animal themed sleepover in March, along with the foam animals.

  • The selection of stickers for making placemats while on the sleepover.

  • Finger puppets because they were incredibly cheap - we'll use them some time.

  • And the windchimes for the Brownies to paint for the school.

  • Also (not pictured because I deleted them twice while trying to line them up and I got sick of it) bought some cord and animal beads for bracelets on the sleepover, and acrylic, waterproof paint for the windchimes.

I did get free shipping, £5 off the total and 10% off because I am a Guider. And it is the first Baker Ross order I have placed since Oct 2006 - so don't go thinking I splash the cash like this normally!


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