Thursday, 24 January 2008

Tinkle Part three

So, the school loves the windchimes and is really happy the Brownies will be making them.

There's other opportunities too, the Guides can make birdfeeders (just checking tonight with the Guide leader if she's happy with that, if not the Brownies will buy pre-made ones and decorate them, there were some good value ones in Baker Ross but I am fairly sure the Guide leader will be happy) and the school will also let us know dates when they are digging and planting and girls can participate in that if they choose.

So we feel we're doing our bit. At least we did, till we found out the Scouts that use the same hall have donated £400.
  1. We're not allowed to make cash donations to others out of our accounts, we can do fundraising for them but we can't just write a cheque from accounts

  2. If I had £400 spare sitting in my accounts, that would mean I was charging too much for weekly subs to the parents.

We're a bit dumbfounded by it - it's incredibly generous of the Scouts, we hope we are doing enough as well, but one thing we can't do is come up with £400.


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