Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Train takes strain

AG and I went to buy train tickets for the Westminster Abbey trip today. After trying not to fall on the floor when the (very helpful) lady asked for £355 for the 22 of us, I pointed out I had priced it up at £153!

We ended up having to create four separate bookings: 3 lots of 1 adults + 4 girls and 1 lot of 4 adults + 3 girls. I suspect what happened is that the family railcards (we bought 4), when applied to a group of 22 on her system, only registered as 1 railcard, whereas separately you could use one per booking.

So we finally beat it down to £157 - as that was within £4 of what I had hoped for, I decided to accept that!

Also had to pay £96 for the 4 railcards, they've gone up from £20 to £24 each, but that's fine, the Brownies and the Guides had each allowed for 2 railcards and between us we got all 7 leaders and the Guide Guider's husband on the 4 cards so that we can use them for Brownie trips, Guide trips, joint trips and even family ones for the people named by trading them among ourselves.

I don't have a problem with using the cards for private use as well:

a/ as you can see we save more than the cost of the card the very first time we use them with the girls anyway and

b/ the Guiders give a lot of time to the units and a fair bit of money (we are meant to reclaim EVERYTHING but in practice, we only claim the bigger things) so if we get to save £10 off a train ticket a couple of times in the year, I don't think we are out of line.

So all that remains for the Abbey trip is:

1. a Group Day Ticket for the Underground which I have priced at £40 but can't be bought until we get to London

2. Permission forms for everyone concerned

I already have the badges (as shown at the top of this post) so not much left to do.


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