Saturday, 26 January 2008

Went up, went down, ate lots, went round

Overall, a great day out!

All girls turned up with time to spare so we left early for the climbing and abseiling. Oh, they did so well, 5/10 had done it before, so the guy split them into two groups, one on the easiest bit of the wall, one on a harder bit. The girls supported each other up and down the wall, cheering them, encouraging them on. They were all part of the team too, while one girl went up, a second would be fastened to the line and the remaining three would be feeding the rope through.

That was the only sour note really - one of the girls who had done it before behaved just as she did last time, despite us telling her she had to work harder. All the others were happily working as a team, she would gaze off and forget to feed the rope or not even pick it up. She'd be keen to go up and down the wall, but then when she got back down, she'd wander off again rather than take her turn. We kept telling her, but she just didn't care about the safety of the others. It wasn't a major issue, as 4 girls on the end of the rope meant one could be not working as hard as the others in terms of safety, but it did disappoint me that once again she wasn't prepared to be part of a team. And she is one of the oldest.

Some of the girls really proved their worth on the middle level climb so got to go on the hardest climb this time, they were very pleased with themselves.

After that, off we went to the next part of the day, lunch at a pub. It was a chain pub and really had only been chosen for its proximity to the skating, but it was really good. An excellent choice of dishes for the girls, they could all find something they wanted easily. Slightly larger portions available for the Guide who was with us. And all 5 adults liked what we went for: a burger with Stilton, a chicken burger, chicken caesar, fish and chips and jambalaya. It's surely rare that 15 people eat and everyone likes what they are served up! Ice cream and drinks were included for the kids, and 5 of the kids meals were free as there was a buy an adult meal, get a kid meal free offer on.

After that, it was ice skating - and that was really good fun. Some of the girls took to it like ducks to water, others didn't care how many times they fell over they just shrugged it off and carried on, and two wouldn't let go of the side!

They all got a certificate for the climbing and abseiling, and badges for climbing and skating, so a nice record of their achievement.

Most important of all, I think they all got a great boost to their self-confidence from what they achieved - I was 100% proud of 9 of them and 90% proud of our non-team worker!


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