Wednesday, 27 February 2008

All signed up

and ready to swim.

Today I signed our girls up for the division swimming gala. Units from all over the division compete to win trophies - our Guides have won their section a couple of times but our Brownies have never come close, and that's fine, we do it for the fun!

Of course I say we do it for the fun but as a leader, it means I need to arrange a pre-event to choose who will swim (the Guide Guider set this up though so I just need to pass on the info to parents), print out two sets of consent forms for the whole unit (the pre-event and the gala) plus a note for parents to tell them what is about, complete the form to sign up for the gala and arrange a cheque for the entry fee.

I am just wondering if the assistant guider who is running this week's meeting and texted me to see if I could do part of it as she is so stressed realises what was involved in organising last weekend's events and taking part in the gala and how happy I was not to be doing anything for this week's actual meeting?

Blah, how mean do I sound? It's not like I don't love doing it normally, just that I reached saturation point on how much I could do this week. Normal service will be resumed.


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