Saturday, 23 February 2008

Back from Westminster Abbey

Our group of 22 is back from Westminster Abbey where we were lucky enough to meet first Peter Duncan the Chief Scout (the Brownies were very confused as to why the Guiders were so pleased to meet a Scout till we told them he used to present Blue Peter and it was like them meeting Gethin, THEN they understood), then Lesley Knighton our region's chief commissioner.

I was so excited to see her (I met her once before) that I didn't initially notice she was standing next to the Chief Guide Liz Burnley, but I noticed in time to be able to say hello to her too. So in one day, we met the Chief Scout AND the Chief Guide, very cool.

We had an excellent service, a lot of the water issues dealt with we had covered in Brownies over the last two weeks so the girls knew all about pollution and the amount of water we use in Europe daily.

Our newest Guider made her promise in the Abbey, and then Lesley Knighton was kind enough to come out and see us afterwards to congratulate her, then proceeded to give all 22 of us one of various Midlands badges pulled from her handbag - she was wiped out after that, no badges left
We traded our Warks silks with the 3rd Bridge of Allan Guides too, they each gave us a Scottish silk in return.

Great difficulty getting to use the loos, not because of queueing, we expected that, but because a VERY officious Scout lady wouldn't let us go. After we meekly returned to our seats, a Rainbow leader with two girls tried to get through, was told no, then said she had to go anyway. At which point, our faces of fury made her relent and let our girls and leaders go too.

We had a lovely walk through Whitehall, Trafalgar Square, packed lunches in St James Park, Buckingham Palace and then CHQ of course for the shop. I picked up the new Aim Hi resource there, and School Days, which I know has been out for a while but I hadn't seen yet.

A really good day and some very tired girls when we got home on the train. Now for tomorrow, our division thinking day event at the local reservoir - fortunately I am part of the team running it so I don't have to do the 5 mile walk!


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