Monday, 4 February 2008

Character flaw

I do admit that when it comes to Brownies, I have a rotten character flaw. The weird thing is, the rest of my life, this character flaw is not apparent.

We plan out the term and everything looks good. Then we/I find out about something new and exciting and I want to fit it in. And the old plan either gets squeezed to accommodate it or dropped altogether for the term.

Case in point - after half term this term we were going to do Home Skills for 2 weeks and then Home Safety for 2 weeks. Because Thinking Day needs a bit more space to make it worthwhile than we thought not least because I got all enthused about including Water Safety to bring home the water issue, it will run into the first week after half term.

As each of Home Skills and Home Safety need two weeks, one needs to be dropped. And I am not feeling the urge to lead on either, what with all the paperwork around our Thinking Day events and the sleepover. Luckily, one of the AGs is happy to lead, and will pick the badge she think is most realistic to achieve.

But while I admit this character flaw when it comes to Brownies, there is just so much choice of what we can do and I want the girls to get to do as much as possible, it just doesn't hold true in the rest of my life. I am absolutely the person you can bank on to create an Excel spreadsheet and work through a project from the start to the bitter end and deliver a consistent and detailed report at the end. What's up with that?


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