Monday, 25 February 2008

Lost a Brownie

I'm losing three of my favourite Brownies (and two of my least favourite Brownies) to Guides this Easter.

While I was reconciled to that, I am sad to say I am also going to lose one of my other Brownies at the end of the school year, plus her sister who was due to start with us in September, as their family is moving to Switzerland.

Her dad was told: your job is going toSwitzerland, go with it or take redundancy, so of course they are going to have the adventure and move abroad.

I will miss this Brownie who has been one of the most helpful and most keen during her two years with us.

However, I was able to give her mum contact details for...1st [INSERT CITY HERE] Brownies!

Girlguiding UK has a BGIFC branch (British Guides in Foreign Countries). It operates mostly in our former colonies, plus places in nearby European countries where it would be hard for girls living abroad for a couple of years to join local Guiding/Scouting because of the language barrier. It's kind of like US Girl Scouts Overseas that runs at American bases over here and in other countries.

Still going to miss her though. It means two extra places for girls to join us in September but I'd rather keep the one we had!

PS: Go on, you thought I'd actually lost a Brownie, didn't you!


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