Thursday, 14 February 2008

Oh the drama

Remember I said I would never ever camp?

And our newbie, very enthusiastic Guider said she would be really happy to lead a camp for o
ur Brownies?

So I said OK?


Newbie Guider emailed me yesterday to let me know her daughter wouldn't be able to come to camp because her husband's brother had announced he was getting married that weekend. That of course she would come, and she'd explained to the family she could not pull out, but that her daughter couldn't.

*sighs again*

So I spoke to the third Guider who had agreed to come and we both felt we had to release the newbie Guider from the commitment, that if we were in the same position we both hoped that the others would release us.

We did, and she was really grateful.

So then we had to work out what to do. Lots of options:
  1. Cancel
  2. Limit the number of girls going to 8 so that we could just go with two adults. As we are down to 12 girls interested with the loss of newbie Guider's daughter, that meant leaving out just 4 girls, which would be very tough to do.
  3. Ask one of my other assistant Guiders. 1 hates camping and agrees to do it with the Guides but had pleaded not to be involved this time. 1 is always agreeable when asked but has pulled out of things before and I couldn't cope with having to reshuffle everything again after this drama.
  4. Ask the other Brownie Guider in the district - but to be fair when we asked her we'd have to take some of her Brownies too, and we were actually very happy with having 12 Brownies going, it was closer to the number we were comfortable with for a first ever camping trip as a unit.
  5. Ask our male unit helper to stay, there's plenty of room for a male tent at the site and male facilities. But while he is really happy to help, he doesn't like the idea of staying over on holidays let alone camps and has even come to a holiday, driven back home at night and returned in the morning. I understand why, and I do support him in that.

The other Guider added three more options:

  1. Ask the other assistant Guide Guider to go. She likes camping but she'd have to bring her Guide daughter. We already have a Guide and a Young Leader coming that are the other Guiders daughters so adding another Guide would really mean too many non-Brownies going for the number of Brownies we were taking.
  2. Her husband could go, he has been on Guide camp, is CRB cleared.
  3. Pull out of the big camp and just do an overnight at a campsite near us, whenever is convenient. I wasn't keen on that as the whole point of this was to take part in the county camp and the activities offered, I dread the idea of being at camp and exhausted and the girls looking to me to entertain them!

We decided her husband going would be the least complicated answer, she asked him and he said yes!

So now all we have to do is persuade one of the parents to do the shopping on the Friday and bring it with their daughter (I can do this if push comes to shove but would rather not) and tell the parents that when they come they will need to help put up tents for time's sake - the newbie Guider was going to do the food shop and was going to go the campsite with her husband and put the tents up while I brought her daughter with mine after school.

If it wasn't for the thought that 12 girls would be VERY disappointed, we'd have cancelled. But I think we have found a way to make it work now.


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