Monday, 4 February 2008

Parcels and water

I think my parcel with all my Brownie shopping tried to come today - but I was at work so missed it. They are going to try again tomorrow, and have my permission to have a neighbour sign for it if it is when I am out this time.

Did some Brownie photocopying at work today, the boss lets me do a little though I am not sure she would define what I did today as a little. We're doing water this week and at the next meeting for Thinking Day/the WAGGGS theme and I've decided to tie it into the Water Safety badge so the girls learn some useful skills at the same time.

It's a tough badge, not in terms of attainment, but it's basically lots of facts, so I have been looking for ways to make it fun while they learn.

Here's what they have to do:

1. Know why the following can be dangerous:
**outside water, such as lakes, rivers, canals and ponds
**shallow water
**cold water
**standing on iced-over rivers, ponds, lakes and canals.

2. Know the safety signs and flags you might see at a beach or other area of open water.

**Know where it is safe to swim.
**Explain why these places are safe.
**Know why you should never swim alone.
**Explain the role of a lifeguard.

4. Name some causes of water pollution.

5. Know the Water Safety Code.

I appealed for some help from other Guiders, and have some great ideas to get it done now. For 1 and 3, I have some Scottish Water information, first some outline drawings with bad situations and the girls have to point out where the dangers are, and second a little quiz where you fill in the missing words, not too hard.

For 2, I have a flag bingo game a Guider in Cambridge has sent me and for 4, a treasure hunt game where the girls have to find the cards that they need, then work out where they go in the water cycle.

That just leaves 5 - I was thinking maybe we go over the code then each six has to act out one aspect of it?

So over the two weeks we will do this, and also the WAGGGS stuff, talking about water and what it means to us and to others, about water consumption etc. I have been saving our milk cartons since before Christmas (I rinsed and Dettoxed them, don't worry!) and now have 7 6l cartons, 2 4l cartons and a 3l blackcurrant bottle. I'm going to fill them all with water and the girls will have to carry them in their sixes a certain distance back and forth to understand just what it is like for people who have to collect their water daily.

At the end of the first meeting, they will all get a 250ml bottle of clean water and after they have drunk it, they have to bring it back 2 weeks later with as many coins as they can, and that money will go to the World Thinking Day Fund and Water Aid.

I also need to do a very brief bit on Thinking Day and the Baden-Powells just so the girls who have joined us since last February know what it is all about. Enough to fill two meetings no problem!


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