Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Rainy chip walk

Biggest hit ever with our Brownies? No, it wasn't:
  • one of the five weekends away we have run

  • going on the London Eye

  • meeting a Guide Dog for the Blind

  • going to Legoland

  • getting a book signed by JK Rowling in person

  • or any of the other amazing things we have done.

It was this:

A rainy chip walk. (You can click on the picture to make it larger to truly see their happy, drowned rat, faces)

It was planned in the schedule as a trip into the nearby village, doing a shop window trail as part of the Adventure Out badge we ran last summer term.

The last time we had walked into the village, it was a scorching day and we had to go into the only place open, the estate agents, and beg for water for a few of our girls.

But this time it absolutely lashed down from the time we set off to the time we returned. We did it on a day the school was closed, so we didn't have the option of calling it off and going indoors.

The girls were getting very cold so we went into the chip shop and asked for some small portions of chips and asked the girls to share each portion between two.

Ever since, they have been begging to do it again - but the rain is as crucial as the chips, otherwise it would not be the same Rainy Chip Walk Of Legend.

Well, we're going to try again, not this week but next. We're doing some work on Fairtrade and our local Co-op has a lot of Fairtrade products so we will go there then to the chippy on the way back.

Fingers crossed for rain!?!


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