Saturday, 2 February 2008

Right to...

Don't think I have put these on here before, if I have, I apologise.

They are the "Rights" badges, based on the UN Rights of the Child.

They are:
  • Right To Be Me

  • Right To Be Heard

  • Right To Live In Peace

  • Right To Work Together

  • Right To Learn

  • Right To Be Happy (it's like the 7 dwarves, you can never name that last one, I had to go and look it up!)

The great thing about them is that they are cross-sectional, the resource has activities for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Senior Section. So a girl can earn all six across two sections.

Our Brownies have earned Me (lots of praise of individuality and thanks for the people who let them be themselves), Heard (practicing letting everyone have their say and learning about how people have their say in the electoral arena), Peace (got to confess we did this so long ago I can't remember off hand what we did!) and Work Together (pretty obvious, all about working as a team).

I am going to try and squeeze one of the remaining two in this term and the last one in summer term, at the very latest we'll do the last two by the end of the year, as the badges will stop being produced in Feb 2009, as it has been a three year programme - having said that, apparently the Adventure Out badge was originally time-limited and that is still on offer as it is really popular, we did it last summer and it was great.

It's great seeing how the girls display the Rights badges as well, some have them in a row, some have them pointing into a circle, some have them striping across their back...they are really colourful and I will miss them when they go.


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