Sunday, 3 February 2008


Sleepover coming together nicely. The girls should all gain their craft badges while they are there - 3 of the 4 older ones already have it but it's one of the few badges you can earn twice so I am working on tweaking the crafts to ensure they can pass it again.

Menu decided - baked potatoes on the Saturday night with cheese, ham, tuna and beans available as toppings and then ice cream bars for afterwards - we can cook the potatoes ahead of time and bring them with us and put them in the very handy warming cupboard at the hall. Hot choc and biscuits at the indoor campfire. 2 types of cereal and toasted bagels and jam for the morning. Apples, bananas and grapes available in the evening any time to up the fruit and veg quotient, though that matters more over a pack holiday than just a short sleepover.

That covers the various issues we have to consider - one girl has no beef (religious reasons) and is also allergic to nuts, one girl has no meat, no fish and no eggs but it's fine for others to have it as it is not an allergy, one girl and one leader (me and Daughter) have a food intolerance to chillis in all forms.

Cute sleepover badges too, 7 Brownie sleepover for the girls on their first sleepover, 4 Another Sleepover badges for the older girls.

The girls picked animals for the theme so there are lots of crafts lined up and I also picked up two very detailed colouring books of animals and of wildlife yesterday and they can do one if a time filler is needed.


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