Tuesday, 19 February 2008

So cute!

Rainbows are 5-7 year old girls (4-7 in Northern Ireland) and this year they celebrate 21 years of existence (just before Guides celebrate 100 years!). They are the equivalent of Daisys in the US and Sparks in Canada.

How cute is this tea towel? It's black and white, and the girls are supposed to colour it in with fabric pens.
They're being sold for £1.40 each plus postage, which I think is great value. I told the two Rainbow units in our district about it, and they seemed really keen.

If you want one, have a look here for details of how to get them. Unfortunately, we don't have a Rainbow unit, just Brownies and Guides, we couldn't get enough volunteers to do all three when we started so we went for the two units that best suited the age of the daughters of those who did volunteer. We've tried twice since but no joy so far.


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