Friday, 22 February 2008

Splish splash

The Brownies were just fab again last night, they really came through with the water bottles! 23 girls out of 24 turned up (not unusual, there's almost always at least one missing through illness or another commitment) and of those 23, 22 marched in proudly with their water bottle stuffed with coins.
One girl had persuaded her dad to empty his small change jar and she had swiped every 1p, 5p and 20p (as those were what fitted!) and had well over £20 in her bottle alone.
My own daughter had taken this week's pocket money in 1ps to boost the coins in her bottle and I know from the amount I put in it myself, it must have been well over £7.
I am confident that as a unit, we raised over £100. Hopefully that is reflected across the division because with around 240 girls (plus over 40 leaders but they weren't collecting) going to the event on Sunday, we could be looking at £1000 for the two charities, which would be absolutely amazing.
Even if we only get half of that, it's a stunning amount.

Anyway, apart from the water bottles, we also wrapped up the water safety badge so I have warned them I want to see impeccable behaviour near the reservoir! We played water safety flag bingo, then an information sheet to reinforce the flags. Then they had a picture of a swimming pool and they had to identify the dangers around it. Finally, I printed off copies of the ROSPA water safety code and they were each given a copy of the code, a sheet of card, a cutout of a girl, some hair and a swimsuit and they were each to produce a poster with the code and the girl on, plus anything else they wanted!
At the end of the meeting, I handed out 16 water safety badges, one girl had missed last week so I emailed her parents to tell her the clauses she missed, and a second girl is taking her promise on Sunday so she will get her badge then.

The remaining 5 girls were working on their Go For It Brownies, which prepares them for Guides, as they are moving up to Guides after Easter. My assistant was running through it with them and 4/5 seemed engrossed, the fifth was much more interested in what we were doing!

At the end, one of the Brownies was meant to be collected by her (19 year old) sister, 10 mins after the meeting was over she still hadn't turned up so I called the house to find she was still there and "didn't know where Brownies met." I ended up driving the Brownie home (with two others in the car, my own daughter and my neighbour's daughter that I always bring home). There's very few Brownies I would do that for, but this one is a sweetheart and her mum and dad are always very supportive of what we do, it's not their fault their 19 year old didn't follow through on her promise to get her sister!

Well, after a great meeting, it's a Guiding Weekend. Saturday at Westminster Abbey and Sunday at the Division event. Wish me luck!


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