Friday, 8 February 2008

Water water everywhere

Great fun last night at Brownies, we started with what Thinking Day was about then moved onto this year's Thinking Day theme of water.

I had a 4l milk bottle filled with water, and another 53l of milk and juice bottles that I left empty. The girls each held the 4l bottle and had turns in guessing how much an average Saharan-African uses per day (10-20l) and we talked about how the children have to walk for the water so to collect water for the family, you'd have to fill all the bottles in front of us and then carry them miles. So then we got onto how the kids didn't have time for education as a result so it was hard for them to make any changes to improve their life. And how a tap in the village or at least nearer, with clean water, could make a massive difference - I think it really sank in!

So then we told them about the bottle of water they were to take home, drink, then fill with coins and bring back in two weeks and the money would be given half to the World Thinking Day Fund and half to Water Aid.

Then we went onto personal water safety, to make the theme of water easy for the girls to relate to. We talked specifically about reservoirs as we have one nearby they all visit, and then they did an information sheet to ensure they had taken in the information.

After that, a leader had hidden little squares with statements on round the hall and they had to find the right colour statement for their six, then fit it onto a grid all about causes of water pollution. This took AGES, first to find them, then to get the right answers. Much celebrating by the 1st, 2nd and 3rd six, the 4th six was, as usual, the senior six, with two girls refusing to take part.

We spent a little time on the water safety code and how you can help people in trouble in water without endangering yourself, before wrapping up for the night. After half-term we'll finish the badge with more work on the water safety code and a great safety flags lotto game, and any time left will be about Thinking Day.


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