Thursday, 13 March 2008


Am feeling very appreciated tonight, and it is very nice!

Between the 5 Brownies who left us tonight, I was given:
  • A bottle of wine
  • A lovely email
  • A really nice note from a Brownie
  • A £10 M& S gift voucher and a lovely card with thanks from the mum and the Brownie
  • A beautiful mug with Quality Street chocs in, not just for me but for all 5 adults who help to run the Brownies.

These girls have had three years of Brownies, one had her first year in another pack then transferred to us because of dancing, but the other four had all three years with us, and they have had a lot of experiences during that time.

We do a lot for them, and d*mn it feels good to know they do actually appreciate it.

And you know what I have learned from this? I am totally giving a gift to any volunteer that works with my kids from now on. The only time I can think of where my daughter has attended somewhere with a volunteer is football, which she didn't stick at for long, and I didn't give a gift when she left but from now will be given.

Because it doesn't take very much to make a volunteer feel great about what they give your kid in terms of time, this I learned tonight!


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