Saturday, 8 March 2008

Fire, police...just doctor to go

Have called the local fire service and police HQ to notify them of our upcoming sleepover, as we will be staying in a village hall.

If a building doesn't normally have people staying overnight, eg if it is not a youth hostel/pack holiday house etc, we are supposed to let fire, police and the local GP know. Some Guiders call their fire and police HQ to be met with bafflement as to why they are supposed to care! However, mine were happy to note it down, the police just wrote down the date and venue and said they'd let the local beat bobbies know.

The fire service wanted to know how many and what spread of ages - the idea of telling them is if there is a fire, they would know the building was occupied and needed to be evacuated rather than just an empty building. Of course, it would almost certainly be us calling them so we would have evacuated anyway, but it is best to be covered.

I will call the GP on Monday, it's less relevant for us than the other services, as we will only be 20 mins or so from home so most parents would prefer to collect and take their daughter to their own GP service if there was an issue.


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