Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Gift just got a little bigger

I rang the one parent who hadn't signed the gift aid section at the bottom of the Becoming a Brownie form to ask if it was intentional or an oversight (we did have one parent deliberately score through it so we were sure he didn't want to do it!) and she said it was an oversight and she's going to sign it at our next meeting.

What's even better is that when I was looking at her form, I noticed she had ticked willing to help occasionally at camps and holidays. Although we currently have 4 Guiders who can do holidays (as long as I am one as I have the licence) we will lose one at the end of the summer term when she emigrates.

As we always need to have three adults on holidays, unless we are only taking a very small number of girls, it means that the remaining three would all have to be available for a certain date to be able to go. While that is generally the case, it's nice to have a back-up adult just in case someone pulls out or circumstances change.

We did have a Brownie mum who went through the CRB process so she could come if needed but her daughter leaves to go to Guides this week so she'll be at their disposal rather than ours. We never had to call on her, but it was good to know we had the option, the forms can take months to process and generally we would have to cancel a holiday if an adult dropped out if we didn't have a back-up.

So while I was talking to this mum anyway about Gift Aid, I asked if she would do the checks and she said she was happy to. When I said the gift just got a little bigger I didn't just mean money, I am pleased we have another supporter!


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