Thursday, 6 March 2008

Never noticed

how much I deal with in phone calls etc just before a Brownie meeting till today, when I have time to process it:
  • call from a mum to say her daughter will be at parents evening so running late and can she still come
  • call from unit helper to say he's running late.I text the three other Guiders to pass this on.
  • Text back from one of the others worrying about ratios
  • Text her to say it's ok, we still have 4 adults until the unit helper turns up, even without me.
  • Text from same mum to say her daughter is now ill and won't be coming at all, or to the Guide meeting after she was meant to be visiting.
  • Sent text to Guider leading this week to pass this on
  • Send text to Guide Guider and her assistant to pass this on

Plus I got a delivery, just in time, of Fairtrade leaflets and postcards, so I passed these, along with our attendance register/emergency contacts to the Guider who was kind enough to bring my daughter home from school.

And one girl missed last week so didn't get a badge she was owed so I passed that on too.

And this is WITHOUT going to the meeting and with 45 mins to go before meeting starts! Definitely not complaining, just observing what I don't normally have time to spot.


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