Sunday, 9 March 2008

Smiley smiley smile smile Part Deux

Got this email:

Thank you so much to you and the other Brownie leaders for all that you have done for Brownies. Flossy has had a thoroughly enjoyable time, with her most memorable time being the official launch of Harry Potter! Her most fun events were the trips to Ackers [abseiling] - basically she's had lots of fun at Brownies with some super experiences which I'm sure she'll remember forever (well, meeting J K Rowling at least!).

Thank you once again for all of your hard work - I really appreciate all you have done, giving up your free time and providing them with fantastic experiences. Please pass on my thanks to the others (forward this email if you like).

Flossy's mum

I've said before, we don't expect to be thanked, but when we are, it is really welcome! The irony of this particular email, is that Flossy (and no, she's not really called Flossy) is the Brownie who would not be part of a team when we went abseiling!


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