Sunday, 16 March 2008

Took two months to make a decision

But I have: I am not going to do my pack holiday licence.

The reason? We had SUCH a good sleepover last night! And I've come home tired but not exhausted so I have decided I am happy to stick with:sleepovers as a fairly regular thing like twice or maybe even three times a year,the occasional amazing overnight trip like the Harry Potter one when it arises once in a blue moonand when the county or Guiding Activity Centres offer weekends like the camp we are going on in July or the Santa weekend we went on last December, I will take advantage every couple of years of not needing the licence to participate.The girls were very well behaved, most were settled by 11pm and 4 needing a telling off at 11.15pm but then not a peep till 7.20am when I went in to wake them up! They made loads of crafts, the favourite being Hama beads (the very thing most of them can make at home whenever they want but whatever!) though they did enjoy all of them.
It really made it easier for us Guiders that we sent them home with their parents at 10am, we didn't have to struggle on to 3 or 4pm to make a weekend of it. So I'm learning my lesson from that, I came home, had a shower and now I feel tired but not completely
worn out so it's clearly the way to go!

PS: Jen asked what kind of beans we had with lunch: Heinz baked beans, what else would we have?
Are you telling me you don't have Heinz beans???
But Beanz Meanz Heinz!
And this is what potato scones are.


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