Monday, 10 March 2008

What a gift!

Anyone done Gift Aid for their Rainbows/Brownies/Guides?

We can claim back to when the unit begain, in Jan 2005 and my assistant - who called me three times over the space of five hours yesterday and has never made me happier that the one thing I don't do for our unit is the accounts - reckons we could be getting back as much as £800 for that three year period!

That could mean we charge a nominal sum for Disney on Ice in November. And that summer camp could be heavily subsidised. On the one hand, the girls who are Brownies now will be benefiting on the behalf of three years of girls. On the other, we need to spend it all by December (though we can spend some on very practical items that will last years) to ensure our accounts are in good order...and if the scheme continues it will mean an extra £250-£300 a year that we didn't have before so they will continue to benefit from it.

£250-£300 a year - that would cover about 75% of our annual rent, meaning our subs can go so much further!

Hope the sums are right!

UPDATE: Thanks Vickey, I hadn't even thought of census. We could use whatever is left of the £800 to subsidise that in 2009 as a guiding centenary present! As well as these incredibly cute boxes. And whatever else I buy between now and then. *blushes*


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