Friday, 14 March 2008

What - updated

What can 11 Brownies make out of:

  • 25 sheets of card
  • 25 sheets of paper
  • 25 laminating pockets
  • animal stickers
  • animal beads
  • animal foam sheets?

I'll let you know on Sunday!

OK, I was going to tell you on Sunday once they'd made them but as I have had two emails from Guiders asking what we are going to make from those things, I've decided to post the plans here now, then the results on Sunday instead.

The plan is to make:

  • Placemats for dinner and breakfast, which I'll laminate so they wipe clean
  • Badges with their names and an animal on
  • If time, napkin holders, but that's more of a time-filler if they do the first two things fast
  • Threading bookmarks and add animal stickers
  • Hama bead animals
  • Door hangers with the animal foam sheets
  • Bead bracelets

If we don't make them all, we'll use what's left in regular meetings. I'll take pics and post them on Sunday.


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