Friday, 25 April 2008

And we're full again

I advertised in the school newsletter a couple of weeks ago because we were running at 22 members and we can have 24. Although my ideal is between 18 and 20, it's more cost-effective for us to have 24 and it's a number that breaks down very nicely in lots of ways when we split the girls up.

I was expecting we'd get a couple of girls who hadn't put their names down for Brownies before and had been put off thinking they wouldn't get in. Instead I got a transfer on Wednesday and now today, another mum has come up and asked for her daughter to transfer from a different pack to ours.

The circumstances are different for her, this girl was on our waiting list originally but by the time her name got to the top, her family had moved to an adjoining village, though the girls stayed at the same school. At the same time as we offered her a place, the pack where they moved to did as well, and her mum thought it would be good for her to get to know girls in the village.

But because they all went to school together, and she was still coming over here to go to school and all her friends at school went to our Brownies (or the other one nearby that the first girl is transferring from), she didn't really click.

I haven't spoken to the Brown Owl at that pack, but I have told the mum to talk to the Brown Owl, then give me the Brown Owl's number so I can talk to her too. Then if all is fine, I'll take her the same night the other transfer starts.

So we're at 24 again, till the summer when we lose one family to Switzerland and one to Canada.


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