Friday, 4 April 2008

Brownies AND Guides

Because the leader who is assistant at both Brownies and Guides is still in South Africa on holiday, the Guide Guider asked me if I would stay on for Guides last night. Seemed fair, as she was turning up early to Brownies to help with our camp meeting.

While the Brownies played crafts on one side of the room, we ran the parent meeting for camp on the other side, talking them through the plans, the cost, the kit list and letting them ask questions. We have 11 girls signed up, plus me, and the Guide Guider's entire family: husband, young leader daughter and Guide daughter.

I also collected the subs in last night for the term. Just one girl owes for camp AND subs, and her dad is dropping the cheque off this morning. [Update, the cheque was there when I got back from the school run] And one more girl owes for subs, she wasn't at Brownies last night, not sure why, it may be because I wouldn't let her go to camp because she didn't come on our sleepover. We were really clear that they had to have one night minimum away with us to be allowed to come to camp, but her mum was still asking if she could come during the Easter hols, so that may be why she didn't appear.

We gave out the World Issues badges from last term to the girls that completed it, plus lovely little pin badges of their animal sixes.

Then I stayed on for Guides, they were doing Right To Be Heard led by the Guide Guider's Young Leader daughter so it was a very easy night. It was fun watching the four former Brownies that had turned up, one of them seemed to have assimilated instantly, another was pretty close to it and two were still travelling at Brownie pace and you could see the frustration of others in their group when they took too long to finish a sheet or tried to take over the group instead of work together.


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