Friday, 25 April 2008

It's all about...survival

So, camp is looming a little closer now - I'm off to Guide camp in just over two weeks and then Brownie camp is two months after that.

One thing we have been trying to find is big bags to put everything in, that are waterproof and don't tear. The idea is the girls will have their sleeping bags, and their rucksack, and they put both in the big bag during the day to keep everything dry and the tent tidy.

I'm pleased to say that after a recommendation from another Guider, I've found what we need. They're called survival bags - the main purpose is if you're up a mountain and something bad happens, you get in and conserve your body heat for as long as possible while you wait for rescue.
Can I just stress, we're not going near any mountains, we're going to South Warwickshire and Redditch. But if you can fit a bloke in one of the bags, I'm pretty sure you can fit a rucksack and sleeping bag into one easily too!

I intially found them at £2.49 each plus 99p postage for every two, so £3 each. But the Guider who pointed me to a marine sales shop had found them for £9.99 for 10 plus £10 postage for however I snapped up 20, making them £1.50 each, half what I thought I was going to have to pay.

I also got myself a bag for my stuff, we do own one rucksack in our family because we figured it would be handy in the summer hols for loading up with beach stuff and still having hands free (and it is!) and also that daughter would be able to use it when she went on a Guide camp when she was older.
But with both me and her going to two camps at the same time, we needed a second bag. I didn't want another rucksack, I wanted something that would collapse down easily to be packed away as it won't be used often. This looks like it will do the trick, and is waterproof.

Somehow I sense rain may be a theme of these camps, based on recent months/years/lifes so I am doing my best to follow in Baden-Powell's footsteps and Be Prepared.


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