Saturday, 5 April 2008

The merits of Poundland

Sad though I was that the Mothercare closed down where I live, a Poundland has opened up in its place.
And after checking out the kit list for camp (I am going on a Guide camp next month for practice before our Brownie one in July) I made some shrewd purchases:
  • 2 sets of knife, fork and spoon, one for me, one for daughter - £1 each

  • 3 dishtowels - £1

  • 2 enamel plates - £1

  • 2 sets of an enamel mug and bowl - £1 each

  • 3 hand towels

  • 2 bathtowels - £1

So for a grand total of £4 each, me and daughter each have our eating stuff and cleaning stuff for camp. And a spare dishtowel and hand towel.

I'm the first to admit these are not the best quality items. I would not offer a guest in my home any of the towels. But for camp, where they will likely get muddy or even lost, I'm cool with it.

Then I went to Milletts and bought one of the new hybrid mat things - halfway between a plain rollmat and an air mattress. More comfortable than a mat but not as bulky as an air mattress. I also bought a new sleeping bag as I managed to kick the zip so hard while sleeping on the Brownie sleepover I broke it! It probably could have been fixed but I will keep it as an extra layer for me or any cold Brownies. Got my 10% discount for being a leader.

So, while not totally equipped for camp (I still need a good torch and some waaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrmmmmmmmmm socks, daughter needs the socks too) I did take care of most of it.


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