Monday, 7 April 2008

Moral qualms

I applied for the WAGGGS Olympia badge back in February. Though I don't know if I will be getting them, I am having moral qualms about doing the badge, given the media coverage over the weekend about the torch procession in both London and Paris.
I feel better informed now about the protests and am not sure about going ahead and doing the badge.
So my question is: as an informed adult do I make a decision that we shouldn't do this badge and just have a general Olympics night with the Brownies? Or do I put it to them and hope the wisdom that has come (?) through doing the Rights badges will help them come to the conclusion we shouldn't do it.
At the moment I am leaning towards doing the badges but focussing on the Olympics more than on China, asI know the girls are excited about the Olympics, what with London 2012 in four years.


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