Wednesday, 23 April 2008

New Brownie

We've got a new Brownie, a transfer this time, from one of the adjoining districts. I called the Brown Owl of the other pack to make sure she was happy, I didn't want to be accused of poaching.

She was kind enough to tell me that
  1. the family haven't yet paid their subs for the term
  2. the daughter has some special needs.

Funnily enough, the mum hadn't mentioned either! The subs, well, that's the old unit's problem to get their money but then it will become our problem if they don't pay up to us - our parents are usually very good at paying up quickly so hopefully the new parents will fall into line.

The special needs are simply some help with writing and being a little slower physically, we can deal with both issues but it is good to know about them.


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