Thursday, 17 April 2008

Right To Be Happy

The girls started Outdoor Skills tonight and also Right To Be Happy.

They washed up lots of plates, cups and cutlery covered in ketchup, vinegar and oil (practice for camp) and also selected what foods they hate and what foods they like and considered a balanced diet. They really enjoyed the washing up, it was very funny, something we see as a chore they rarely do, so they see it as fun!

We also started Right To Be Happy with our first game. They had to sit in a circle, and each took it in turns to smile, explain why, pass on the smile then cross their legs so they didn't get chosen twice.

We had some great reasons why they were smiling:
  • thinking of their fish or rabbit

  • thinking of when their dog jumped in the bath with them

  • because they are at Brownies (loved this one, and three or four of them said it too!)

  • because you told me to (made me laugh so much)

  • because I had a cheese sandwich yesterday (loved this!)

No doubt, it lifted everybody's mood! We had 3 new girls start too, they all seemed to have a good time so I am pretty sure we will see them back next week.

We also had a visit from Dolphin, our former Young Leader/Leader who went off to university in the summer last year - our unit has changed so much that only 11 of the girls remembered her! Although I keep up with her through Facebook, it was really good to see her, she seems happy.


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