Saturday, 19 April 2008

Rush hour

Yesterday, my stats went a little crazy: as well as the 20-30 people who regularly look at my blog (thanks guys!), I also had 112 unique visitors, up from the usual 10-15 that flick in and flick out again.

I couldn't work out why, especially as I wasn't giving anything away for free, so I had a look at where they were coming from.

The Poundland blog!

I mentioned Poundland a couple of weeks ago when I snapped up some camping bargains for me and my daughter for Guide camp next month and Brownie camp in July.

And despite the fact I basically said what I bought was not of the best quality but was perfect for the circumstances, Poundland said - in their words - "There has been much discussion online regarding the Poundland summer camp range." And linked to me.

I am not sure me posting about a few bargains, and Guider on the go agreeing, counts as "much discussion". But if it makes them happy...


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