Thursday, 24 April 2008

Second Aid

If you go on a first aid refresher course, is it second aid?

I can hardly believe it is over 3 years since I started doing Brownies! We have to take a first aid course when we start, and then a refresher every three years after that.
I am happy to do it, it's so long since the first one I definitely think I can do with the refresher, though we did do the First Aid badge with the Brownies just over a year ago and the two nurses that helped us with that did teach us a few things then.
This Sunday me, 1 of my assistants, the Guide Guider and two other Guiders from our district will do our refreshers and our new Guider will do her first training.
There will be blood (fake), fainting (hopefully fake), tea, coffee and plasters.


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